Avoid All Unnecessary and Costly Mistakes in Building your Dream Kitchen

Remodeling or building your own kitchen for the first time is something that could prove to be a little too stressful and disruptive for a lot of us. This is besides the fact that it could also be too costly especially if you need to redo some details because you didn’t spend enough time for careful planning. Don’t let yourself get caught spending more than you should by doing your own share of researching on the best kitchen designs and also make it a point to acquaint yourself with the most common kitchen remodeling mistakes from the first-hand experience of others.

Here are some of the most common mistakes and issues that people come across with as they go through the process of building or redesigning their kitchen:

The Absence of Planning (Not Having A Plan) – Building a kitchen from scratch or even just doing some minor remodeling is definitely a multi-faceted process that needs a great deal of careful planning contrary to what most of us think to ensure the success of our project. Planning is an integral part of each and every endeavor whether it is meant to be accomplished as a group or individually. Poor planning or not having a plan at all is a sure way leading you to failure.

When in the process of planning there are some questions you need to ask yourself and several key elements that you have to decide on based on these considerations:

– Who will be using the kitchen most of the time?

– What basic tasks will they be doing in the kitchen?

– Do you have a floor plan prepared in relation to the basic workflow patterns?

– Have you already figured out the layout and placement of your cabinets, shelves, drawers etc.?

– What kitchen appliances do you currently have, what do you want to add and which kitchen gadget goes where?

– Have you decided on what materials, lighting, and kitchen fixtures, colors do you want to use, where to get them as well as who will be installing them?

A sound plan only shows that you have a clear understanding as to how these basic kitchen elements correlate to each other and how they greatly affect functionality.

Misunderstanding or Downplaying the Correlation Between Your Appliances and Your Design – The kitchen appliances you currently have as well as you would want to add should certainly be given some serious thought consideration. After this has been decided on, you would then be able to designate a place for each of them without compromising or wasting important kitchen space.

Taking the Importance of Proper Lighting for Granted – Lighting plays a huge role when it comes to safety while working in the kitchen. We should keep in mind that it does more than just setting the ambiance. It’s also imperative that you try as much as possible to integrate the use of natural light as well as pinpoint the strategic locations to install your lighting fixtures in the early stages of planning.

Never think twice about consulting a professional to help you in planning the best layout and design as well as give you a rough estimate of the total remodeling costs. It would also be advantageous on your part to do your own research just to help direct you in making informed decisions.


Kitchen Design For Dummies

Remodeling or building a new kitchen is one of the best rewards that you and your family will surely enjoy. Next to the living room, this place is perhaps the most important part of the house where members of the family gather to share and enjoy meals, help the kids do their homework, share experiences and late-night conversations and celebrate achievements and milestones. This is where the fondest memories of so many families happen.

Timeless Kitchen Design -  Photo Courtesy of designtrendir.com

Timeless Kitchen Design –
Photo Courtesy of designtrendir.com

It is aptly called the heart of the home since this is where food and nourishment is lovingly prepared for those that we love. The countless hours spent with our loved ones and all the sumptuous meals we share with them are very important elements that feed both the physical and spiritual aspects of each individual. Because of this, we all want our kitchen to be as pleasant, as attractive and as conducive as possible.

With this, the first question that comes to mind is “Where do I begin?” Here are some ideas and suggestions that would help even the inexperienced create and design the perfect kitchen.

Evaluating Your Kitchen Needs – Planning and evaluating your needs is the first step to building your dream kitchen. Do a bit of research on the different designs that in consideration to the size of your family, the size of the kitchen you want to build in contrast to the actual space that you have to work with and the actual budget that you have prepared for this particular project. It is very important that you settle with something that is both feasible and realistic without having to compromise the outcome of your venture.

Building a New Kitchen Versus Remodeling – Having an old kitchen does not necessarily require you to tear the whole place down and build a new one. Kitchen design and construction falls under four major categories. These categories are; new construction, remodeling, renovation and decorative changes. Take a step back and carefully assess what your best course of action would be.

Each of these categories has their own specific requirements and budgeting considerations. For all you know, your kitchen might just need some minor renovations or a few decorative changes here and there to make it more functional and look absolutely stunning. This could also help you avoid unnecessary building expenses.

Designing And Building A Kitchen On A Budget – Overspending is one of the most common aspects of kitchen building that could easily get out-of-hand. Regardless of whether you’re building a new kitchen or just doing some minor renovations, there are absolutely a lot minor expenses that you may not have foreseen in the planning stages that could accumulate and put a dent in your pockets. Though these costs may be unavoidable, you should remember that there are indeed several ways that could help lower your overall building expenses.

You could save money on labor by doing your share of the work as well as save money on materials by finding less expensive yet functional substitutes.

Hiring a Professional to Design Your Kitchen – It is true that designing and creating your own kitchen layout would save you money. However, the stress and the trouble of having to go through several revisions to make it perfect are certainly not worth it. More often than not, hiring the services of a professional could help simplify this task as well as help you take control of the actual expenditures you might incur in the building process.

Serious Elements to Include When Planning To Guarantee a Successful Kitchen Design

Photo Courtesy of onarchitecturesite.com

Photo Courtesy of onarchitecturesite.com

If there’s any place worthy to be deemed as the heart and soul of every home, there’s no doubt that it would be the kitchen. For most people the kitchen, like every other place in the house should display an inviting, warm and comfortable place to be in. These are the traits that every homeowner struggles to achieve when building their kitchen and are also the main reasons why some people find the need for renovating.

Making a few errors and missing out on some important details when building and designing what could be the perfect kitchen is quite ordinary. Frequently, these design errors would often go unnoticed only to be noticed at a time when it’s already too late resulting to further expenses just to fix them. It is therefore vital to be aware of the most important factors that we shouldn’t forget to include early on in the planning phase.

Photo Courtesy thekitchendirectory.wordpress.com

Photo Courtesy thekitchendirectory.wordpress.com

When preparing, we should put in mind to put greater importance on the element of endurance over style. Practicality is eventually the main basis for doing so among all others. Try and avoid making the same mistake others do in deciding on designs and materials that even though they may be stylish, they could also put a dent on your finances. Besides this fact, almost all design trends only have a duration of 5 years at the most.

Permanent kitchen equipment such as your kitchen countertops and cabinets should be selected wisely in a way that they would not require renovation sooner than expected just because they’re out of style.

Photo Courtesy of otmdesignsremodeling.wordpress.com

Photo Courtesy of otmdesignsremodeling.wordpress.com

Illumination is another kitchen design component that could make or break your budget aside from risking your kitchen’s safety and functionality. Miscalculating what should be the most suitably strategic areas to install your kitchen lights and lighting equipments would have a importantly negative effect in your kitchen’s ambiance not to mention the fact that it might result to disasters that could easily be avoided by taking careful and well thought of measures in this evenly important element in kitchen design.

An ideal kitchen should also be safe for the whole family. Most of us might laugh at the idea of the risk of electrocution in today’s modern kitchen. Believe me; you wouldn’t be laughing if this occurred to you or any of your loved ones. I don’t know if anybody else are aware of this but there are more modifications on today’s kitchen gadgets compared to the basic electrical equipments we had in our kitchen in the past decades. This clearly results to a greater risk of electricity related accident.

Photo Courtesy of thekitchendahab.com

Photo Courtesy of thekitchendahab.com

The planning phase is however the most appropriate time to successfully include the need for properly installed electrical fixtures such as your outlets and light switches. It would be best to seek or hire the services of a professional electrician to help you estimate the best possible locations to install them.

Kitchen Cabinet Designs and Ideas: Your Guide To Choosing The Most Sensible Kitchen Cabinet

Photo Courtesy of buildersdirectonline.com

Photo Courtesy of buildersdirectonline.com

If there’s one familiar fixture that any kitchen can’t do without, it’s the often overlooked and usually unappreciated kitchen cabinet. They are usually built-in and integrated with whatever concept you have in mind for you kind of dream kitchen. Aside from housing all your silverware and dishes, Kitchen cabinetry has evolved into functional kitchen fixtures that could even be big enough to house such appliances as your oven or your refrigerator.

The problem with choosing a sensible kitchen cabinet design has a huge deal to do with how the end product would look. This is primarily because it could lead to the success and unfortunately also lead to the failure of your project. The first consideration you should take is the kind of material to use in relation to your particular kitchen style.

There are about four particular styles or genres when it comes to kitchen design and each has its own set of standards in design and functionality. Selecting the right kind of cabinet requires careful but deliberate selection just like the process of selecting materials that suit the particular kitchen style you’re after.

For example, you have a country style kitchen so you should consider using natural materials such as wood to create a warm and rustic atmosphere. You could use recycled wood which has this excellent old and weathered look to it. Having wood cabinets also gives you the option to paint them with a something light like cream or just paint them over with a natural finish, depending on what goes well with all the other design elements you have in place.

Stylish and functional cabinetry is perhaps the most important element that helps you achieve the right look and feel for your kitchen. Making the right choice of cabinets helps maximize kitchen space and allow you ease of movement. You could also opt to have these cabinets customized depending on their construction.

Basically there are three kitchen cabinet categories. These are the stock, semi-custom and custom categories. These specific categories however does not necessarily equate to quality. Ideally, the best cabinets can be achieved with whichever category. You should be aware of the fact that custom-made cabinets that are made of such fine and beautiful materials such as oak or solid maple can cost you a bit more than your average wooden cabinet.

As a matter of fact kitchen cabinets take up a huge portion of your entire remodeling budget. Further modifications, adding more accessories and using unusual finishes and procedures could also mean bigger costs. Select only the best kitchen cabinets and hardware judiciously to make sure that you achieve functionality in your kitchen aside from just beauty.