White Marble for Kitchen Countertops: Would it be the Smartest Decision?

You would be impressed with the different choices that are available if you’re looking for the best kind of building material to use for your kitchen countertops. Laminates, tiles, stainless, cork and concrete are different processed and synthetic elements. Wood and indigenous stone surfaces such as granite and marble are also indigenous solid surfaces.

Photo Courtesy of lonny.com

Photo Courtesy of lonny.com

When it comes to designing the interiors of my home through the years, I have regularly made it a point to commit myself to every stage. Each distinct part of the house, from the bathroom to the bedroom to the kitchen materials, colors and textures I made it a point to be the one who decides what would go best. When choosing these different items, practicality is also one of the most important considerations I needed to remember.

I have not regretted my decision in selecting white marble for my kitchen countertops during the construction of the kitchen for my new house. Aside from the durability and low cost of this material, marble is one of the in-demand kitchen supplies to date.

Black and white marbles are a couple of the most preferred colors out of other several color choices. And applying white marble for countertops in my galley definitely add to a warmer and more stylish ambiance. I found it to be extremely attractive and something about its clean, bright look makes it all the more eye-catching. It contributes more life to any kitchen and definitely an endlessly elegant piece of material.

Photo Courtesy of kitchenappliancereviews.net

Photo Courtesy of kitchenappliancereviews.net

Nevertheless, there is also a downside that comes along with using white marble. It is basically prone to scratches. But there are several ways in preventing this and maintaining the surface resistant to scratches. Compared to granite, marble may not be as porous and as scratch and stain resistant but it is a winner when it comes to affordability.

Marble will absolutely fit within your means and not to mention its abundance in supply. Looking for it at your favorite home depot or at any hardware store will never be a problem.


Granite Kitchen Countertops: Its Topmost Qualities in a Nutshell

It is clearly a challenge to be completely assured of your final decision in choosing granite as the perfect natural stone surface design for your kitchen countertops. After discovering so many kinds of materials that can be used, one would surely think twice or even reconsider a few other varieties to be more ideal than the one you’ve initially selected.DONEgranitskivor-bankskivor

Although in totality, it all goes down to our individual conclusion on what is the most appropriate material to use in accordance to our distinct styles, ideas, personalities and the aura that we want to create for our kitchens. Therefore, in order to make things easier to determine whether granite is the best choice for you or not, here is a list of its topmost features to base your decision upon:

1. Granite’s generally clear and consistent surface makes it scratch-resistant.

2. It is an extremely hard material and is practically resilient to cracks caused by some intense or powerful impacts.

3. The surface does not blister due to its heat-resistant quality.

4. Granite is extensively available in both wholesale and retail stores. It can also be installed by a professional or custom-made.

5. Each slab of granite is known to be unique. One slab can contain intertwined mineral crystals such as quartz and feldspar and another slab has been made up of another variety of minerals.

6. Since countertops are used mainly for people to put their food and drinks on, it is important have a material that can be regularly and easily sanitized. Granite can be polished and cleansed with simply using soap and a soft cloth.

Finding out and understanding all the above mentioned qualities that the granite possess will lead you to the conclusion that this natural stone surface is the most fitting to use as your material for kitchen countertops. Granite represents the quintessential elements which makes it an effective and practical countertop surface for your kitchen.

Build a Uniquely Stylish and Elegantly Warm Kitchen with Granite

Are you in the process of building a new kitchen or maybe remodeling perhaps? I’m sure that you’re pretty excited and you have a lot of great ideas as to how you want your kitchen to look like. Even if you don’t have any problems when it comes to how much to spend for everything; you would surely agree with me when I say that choosing the right building and furnishing materials would probably be the best investment.DONEgranite-kitchen-countertop

Using natural stone surfaces such as granite for your kitchen countertop is an excellent choice. It’s reasonably priced, readily available, fashionable, and very sturdy that it could last a long time. Granite comes in different hues and textures which definitely adds a luxuriously stylish feel to your home.

It’s one of the hardest stones in the world and is known to be able to withstand use and abuse. Using granite is very popular among architects and kitchen designers due to the fact that it is very easy to clean and is fairly stain-resistant. It’s also perfect for use in the kitchen since it has the ability to withstand heat and simply because it looks good.

You don’t have to sacrifice the aspect of functionality just because of the looks. Both these qualities are present in granite. You could play around with the limitless color combinations that would suit your taste as well as experiment with the different textures that are available.

Granite is a very versatile building material that you could even use for dining table tops with colors that match or complement with your kitchen countertops. You also have the option of having your granite slabs customized for your kitchen to be truly one of a kind. It also adds to the face-value of any home.

In the event that you want to sell your house; you would probably be able to do so at a higher price because of the prevailing value of granite surfaces.

Highlight Your Kitchen’s Brilliant Architecture and Design with Marble and Granite

Marble and granite are two of the most durable and stylish materials that people use in building and furnishing their homes. These materials are often used as flooring and kitchen top surfaces since they are very sturdy and pretty easy to clean. These are often the qualities that people look for when choosing remodeling or building materials.


Granite Countertop Design

There are a lot of considerations when choosing kitchen building materials. There’s the issue of durability, affordability and practicality. Using marble and granite easily addresses most, if not all of these considerations. Given that these materials are natural and ingenious rock formations, they are very durable and could last a lifetime, which in turn makes them one of the most practical building materials.

These stone surfaces are scratch and heat-resistant and practically indestructible which makes them obvious choices for kitchen countertops. They are also available almost everywhere which explains the uniformity when it comes to their prices. Talking about the issue of affordability and practicality, marble and granite has it all.

Like most solid surfaces, marble and granite may break due to strong impact or could chip off around the edges. Though damaged, they can easily be repaired using a special granite dust and epoxy compound. Generally, granite and marble does not stain easily and is also pretty easy to maintain. The trick is using a quality stone sealer after installation to prevent oil and other liquids from soaking in or seeping into the stone’s surface.

Marble Countertop Design

Marble Countertop Design

Elegance is also one of the characteristics that these natural stone slabs posses. Theycome in various hues and colours that are timelessly fashionable. All you have to do is select the exact colours that you need. Nothing really compares to using all natural building materials to furnish your kitchen. It gives it a distinct and luxurious characteristic as well as helps provide inspiration when whipping up some uniquely delicious food creations.

Whoever thought that the only light coloured natural stone surface that you could use is marble? You’d be very pleased to know that there is currently this growing trend in kitchen design using white granite. More and more home and property owners have discovered this surface as an architecturally sound choice which helps create the illusion of having a larger kitchen space. It’s also an excellent way to highlight and accentuate the different textures and colours you use for your kitchen.

There are also different patterns and colours that can be found in white granite which goes well when incorporated with the countless interior design ideas.

Which is the Most Ideal Material for Kitchen Countertops, Marble or Granite?

Buying your first house as a couple or even when you’re still single is definitely a very exciting and truly happy occasion that deserves to be celebrated. It gives one the feeling that he or she has achieved something; a profound feeling of stability. Alongside all the other factors that come into buying a house comes the issue of choosing the right furnishing, decorations and installing some very important household fixtures.

Marble Kitchen Countertop

Marble Kitchen Countertop

One particular part of the house that obviously gets the most attention when it comes to planning, fixing, remodelling and etc. is the kitchen. A lot of people would consider the kitchen as the heart of the home. It is where food is lovingly prepared for our loved ones. Each and every meal that every family shares is an opportunity to show love, to communicate and to strengthen family ties.

It is therefore only fitting that any kitchen be given only the most beautiful, functional and top-notch fixtures without of course making a dent on your budget. Careful selection and consideration is always being given when it comes to choosing the best materials to use on kitchen countertops. There are various natural and synthetic materials available and some of the most common of which are tile, woodblock, concrete and the ever popular stone surfaces used such as marble and granite.

You should however be aware of the fact that there are several advantages and disadvantages in using marble and granite for your kitchen counters and other kitchen surfaces. From the point of view of a number of seasoned natural stone artisans, marble is a bad choice to use on kitchen countertops. A huge number of them are inclined to using granite instead.

Some of the most intelligent and experienced architects and interior designers would further comment that marble is more suited to be used as vanity fixtures in the bathroom, as framing for hearths and fireplaces and all-around flooring. Aside from the elegance and aesthetic features that marble possesses, it also has fire and heat-resistant properties.

Although marble gives any room a nice and cool atmosphere, is reasonably priced and widely available; you should know that marble stains and scratches easily and therefore does not conform to the considerations taken in relation to its use in every household kitchen.

Granite Kitchen Countertop

Granite Kitchen Countertop

Granite on the other hand is a natural stone surface that has a higher demand as compared to marble. This is because it’s practically used and recommended by a huge number of architects and kitchen designers. One common consideration that they have is durability and the ability to take on the abuse and demands brought about by the different processes involved in preparing food.

Maintaining and cleaning granite is definitely a breeze. It’s as simple as wiping it off with warm water and some mild detergent. Its porous surface also makes it quite easy to disinfect.

Granite Kitchen Countertops For A Marvelous-looking Kitchen

Granite has made quite a name and has obviously become one of the most sought after materials when it comes to decorating kitchen countertops.  We can’t blame those who chose to use it since everybody knows that it has proven its point as to being durable and perfect for just any kind of kitchen design.

One of the most beneficial factors that make granite a top choice for most decorators is its quality of not needing too much maintenance and can last for a lot of years.  Now all we have to do in our kitchen is to prepare food and cook without ever having to worry about anything else.  It is such a big help for people on the go and don’t have the time to actually make an effort with its maintenance.  Cleaning it with soap and a soft cloth is more than enough.


Another great quality that it has for decorating kitchen countertops is its versatility.  Granite surfaces are capable of adapting to almost all sorts of kitchen designs. One can take advantage of a great variety of colors and patterns, which in effect can completely make your kitchen more beautiful and elegant.  It all depends on your preferred interior designing style and granite is absolutely the kind of countertop surface that can conform to your kind of personality.

Granite is also being reputed as a high-end material and one of the top choices of those living a lavish lifestyle.  Nevertheless, buying granite surfaces in a more economical way can be done.  Instead of purchasing them at retail prices from hardware stores or home depots, look for a wholesale company that can deliver these materials to you at a reasonable or lesser price.  For your own protection when it comes to damaged materials upon delivery, it is suggested  for you to contact your chosen wholesaler so they can provide you with their policies regarding insurances and warranties.

Talking more about economical purchases, the thickness of the material is a chief factor for you to base your budget in.  In other words, the thicker the slab, the more expensive the cost will be.  An idea of how much a slab costs when purchasing at a home depot would be around $25 to $1,000 per square foot.  Therefore, if you’re on a budget but still wants to have an amazing look for your kitchen countertop, you might want to acknowledge buying a slab that’s three-quarter inch in thickness instead of a slab that’s an inch and a half thick.

Kitchens are one of the most important areas of your house and you should not feel any remorse in deciding to make it look marvelous yet comfortable for every family member.  Each slab of granite is considered exquisite and unique for it is actually made of authentic natural stone.  With all these ideas in mind, it’s really not so difficult to understand why granite surfaces are chosen by most for their kitchen countertops.