Avoid All Unnecessary and Costly Mistakes in Building your Dream Kitchen

Remodeling or building your own kitchen for the first time is something that could prove to be a little too stressful and disruptive for a lot of us. This is besides the fact that it could also be too costly especially if you need to redo some details because you didn’t spend enough time for careful planning. Don’t let yourself get caught spending more than you should by doing your own share of researching on the best kitchen designs and also make it a point to acquaint yourself with the most common kitchen remodeling mistakes from the first-hand experience of others.

Here are some of the most common mistakes and issues that people come across with as they go through the process of building or redesigning their kitchen:

The Absence of Planning (Not Having A Plan) – Building a kitchen from scratch or even just doing some minor remodeling is definitely a multi-faceted process that needs a great deal of careful planning contrary to what most of us think to ensure the success of our project. Planning is an integral part of each and every endeavor whether it is meant to be accomplished as a group or individually. Poor planning or not having a plan at all is a sure way leading you to failure.

When in the process of planning there are some questions you need to ask yourself and several key elements that you have to decide on based on these considerations:

– Who will be using the kitchen most of the time?

– What basic tasks will they be doing in the kitchen?

– Do you have a floor plan prepared in relation to the basic workflow patterns?

– Have you already figured out the layout and placement of your cabinets, shelves, drawers etc.?

– What kitchen appliances do you currently have, what do you want to add and which kitchen gadget goes where?

– Have you decided on what materials, lighting, and kitchen fixtures, colors do you want to use, where to get them as well as who will be installing them?

A sound plan only shows that you have a clear understanding as to how these basic kitchen elements correlate to each other and how they greatly affect functionality.

Misunderstanding or Downplaying the Correlation Between Your Appliances and Your Design – The kitchen appliances you currently have as well as you would want to add should certainly be given some serious thought consideration. After this has been decided on, you would then be able to designate a place for each of them without compromising or wasting important kitchen space.

Taking the Importance of Proper Lighting for Granted – Lighting plays a huge role when it comes to safety while working in the kitchen. We should keep in mind that it does more than just setting the ambiance. It’s also imperative that you try as much as possible to integrate the use of natural light as well as pinpoint the strategic locations to install your lighting fixtures in the early stages of planning.

Never think twice about consulting a professional to help you in planning the best layout and design as well as give you a rough estimate of the total remodeling costs. It would also be advantageous on your part to do your own research just to help direct you in making informed decisions.


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