The Basic Elements of a Contemporary Kitchen

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Each and every home is designed and created according to each family’s specification. Every single room and every single corner of our house is built with its own specific purpose. The bedroom is designed in a way that’s relaxing and conducive for sleeping and resting. The living room is created in such a way that it allows the family to get together to talk, bond and relax. It’s probably the coziest place in any household.

Nevertheless, most of us would admit to the fact that however cozy our bedroom or living room is; our common reply when asked as to which part of the house is our favorite would be the kitchen. The kitchen is considered by a majority of us to be the heart of each and every home. This is the place where countless family meals have been lovingly prepared.

Each kitchen is unique in such a way that it reflects every family’s individual style. The most common type of layout used by a lot of families is the contemporary kitchen layout. Contemporary designed galleys are widely considered as today’s modern kitchen. It utilizes architectural designs that are simple yet absolutely functional.

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Almost every fixture in the contemporary kitchen is devoid of intricate designs like carvings and such. Designs that are straight and linear are generally utilized to maintain that “clean” look. The fixtures such as the cabinets, countertops as well as the furniture found in contemporary kitchens may look simple but still exude luxury and elegance without compromising comfort.

Its primary aim is to get rid of conventional and often bulky furniture that may eat up all that valuable kitchen space. This layout employs architectural methods that helps create the impression of having a larger floor area and kitchen space. Modular and sectional designs are just some of the elements that are used to increase floor space for cramped kitchens.

Functionality and style is also commonly reflected on the types of appliances that are found in most contemporary kitchen layouts. It features practically useful kitchen equipment like eco-friendly dishwashers, energy-saving appliances and even water-saving faucets that are definitely environment friendly.

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The building components used in contemporary kitchens range from natural to synthetic materials. Although wood is a popular choice because of the warm and stylish feel it provides; metal surfaces such as stainless steel may sometimes be incorporated in a way that it complements all the other fixtures. Glass is also one of the most popular materials used.

Bright and luxurious lighting is also a very important element present in contemporary kitchen designs. This helps set that welcoming, cheery mood that makes us want to stay and visit this part of the house a little more often.

Lastly, no contemporary kitchen would be complete without high-end countertops that are made of natural stone surfaces like marble, quartz and granite. These materials are often chosen since it goes well with most of the design components found in contemporary kitchens. There are certainly a lot of ideas that may be applied or added for you to be able to achieve the goals of building the ultimate contemporary kitchen of your dreams.


Selecting The Appropriate Kitchen Sink: It Takes More Than Meets The Eye

Plenty of homeowners will probably agree that kitchen sinks are the ones that are mostly unnoticed or not regarded as very interesting by the majority of their house guests. Perhaps it’s because these particular kitchen fixtures will forever be seen in every kitchen and as long as they’re serving their purpose, they won’t have as much attention as the other kitchen appliances and gadgets.

Yet if we look at it in another angle, having a clogging and defective kitchen sink will surely result in an exhausting effort just to get on with our daily kitchen chores specifically food preparation, cooking and cleaning dishes and utensils. So in order to have a kitchen in full operation, it is wise to understand the proper installation, replacement or maintenance needs of your kitchen sinks.

What makes a great kitchen besides its aesthetic factor is its being completely functional and everything is working to its full capacity. There’s no better way to start than with the most essential ones, the kitchen sink.

1. Enamel-coated Cast Iron – has been the standard material used for kitchen sinks and continues to be present in today’s modern kitchens. It has become popular because it appears more attractive compared to the other options. Nevertheless, it is not advisable to choose an enamel-coasted cast iron if one has the tendency to regularly apply force on kitchen sinks such as hurriedly throwing dishes or hard materials on the sink since enamel can get easily scratched and can wear off through time.

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2. Stainless Steel – For kitchen counters made of solid stone surfaces such as granite, it is commonly recommended to have a kitchen sink that’s made from stainless steel. This is probably the best option for those who are inclined to handle things in their sink that usually leads to great impacts. A sound-absorption stainless steel design has been engineered as another option for those who don’t like using a sink that creates too much noise and stainless steel can be quiet noisy when it comes in contact with kitchen utensils and dishes.

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3. Composites – For homeowners under a limited budget, the best preference is using composite sinks. This type is somewhat newer and one commonly used variety available on the market is composed of acrylic or polyester. It costs lesser and one can enjoy choosing from a great number of color variations. But then, this example of a drop-in sink can be a bit harder to clean and polyester or acrylic kitchen sinks are not as tough and sturdy as the others.

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4. Solid Surface sink – Another selection would be a kitchen sink made of solid surface material which offers a much easier space for cleaning. Minor scratches can simply be repaired by buffing but this material is still likely to chip off. Solid surfaces are also easily damaged if hot pots and pans are habitually being placed directly on the sink.

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There are obviously good sides as well as the not-so-favorable factors on in every kitchen sink option but still, the decision on what the best one to use is totally under your control. So select the most suitable one for the type of kitchen that you have and enjoy having a fully functional kitchen.

Some Hints and Tips in Setting Up Your Most Desired Kitchen Design

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Architects, contractors, builders and designers are the people whose jobs are primarily centered in providing us the assistance we need as we go through the different stages in setting up the kitchen design that we wish to possess. These people are there right from the planning process until the last stages of its construction and interior design. Although, the fact remains that despite their very helpful and professional advice, all the final decisions still rest in our hands.

The following are suggestions gathered from kitchen design experts over the years. These are what we basically need to remember to help lessen the pressure in reaching the correct decisions and avoid a nightmarish experience while building your dream kitchen:

• Take as much time as possible to select the most capable kitchen company that can adhere to almost all of your kitchen needs. Pick the one that has been in the business for more than just a few years. Compare a number of these companies with each other and eventually come up with the one that has the best results in conformity to your expectations.

• Fervently check on the ratio of satisfied and unsatisfied customers. Ask around and gather more information and feedback from previous customers. A great deal of research must be done but it will surely be all worth it in the long run. Learning from past experiences of other clients as well as their testimonials and company reviews will surely contribute in your decision for choosing the right kitchen company to help you out.

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• It is also highly suggested to prefer the company that will provide you with an all-in-one service. It is of great importance to hire a company that doesn’t only supply you with the materials and samples of their work but also provide a complete labor service from full installation and design.

• It might come as a shock to some who greatly depend on facts and figures but it has been incessantly proven that following one’s gut feeling can actually save you a lot of unnecessary worries and problems in the future. Be sure to listen to what the experts think is ideal for your own reference but when your instincts tell you that you want something else or like the other suggestion, go ahead and do it.

• Be open to different ideas when it comes to planning your kitchen’s overall design and style. Think carefully and be ready to express your planned concepts to your kitchen designer. This will give you the opportunity to realize whether or not you and your designer can establish some kind of rapport that can help you to work well together.

• Ask your chosen kitchen company if they can provide you with a visualization of a kitchen according to the choices you’ve made. Having a clearer illustration of the kind of kitchen you wish to have will definitely give you the chance to determine what you need to change, retain and improve, as well as receiving additional advices from your designer and architects to make it more operative and cost-effective without affecting your original design concept.

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Religiously applying all these suggestions as you set things up to build your dream kitchen won’t necessarily guarantee a totally smooth and worry-free ride. Therefore, before we even consider following these tips, we must initially accomplish the most important step. We should first come to terms with the reality that in between all the stages of creating the kitchen you have been dreaming about, unexpected problems may always arise. Accepting this fact can certainly give us the mental preparation in handling whatever challenges that might keep us from pursuing the creation of our most desired kitchen design for our home.

Granite Kitchen Countertops: Its Topmost Qualities in a Nutshell

It is clearly a challenge to be completely assured of your final decision in choosing granite as the perfect natural stone surface design for your kitchen countertops. After discovering so many kinds of materials that can be used, one would surely think twice or even reconsider a few other varieties to be more ideal than the one you’ve initially selected.DONEgranitskivor-bankskivor

Although in totality, it all goes down to our individual conclusion on what is the most appropriate material to use in accordance to our distinct styles, ideas, personalities and the aura that we want to create for our kitchens. Therefore, in order to make things easier to determine whether granite is the best choice for you or not, here is a list of its topmost features to base your decision upon:

1. Granite’s generally clear and consistent surface makes it scratch-resistant.

2. It is an extremely hard material and is practically resilient to cracks caused by some intense or powerful impacts.

3. The surface does not blister due to its heat-resistant quality.

4. Granite is extensively available in both wholesale and retail stores. It can also be installed by a professional or custom-made.

5. Each slab of granite is known to be unique. One slab can contain intertwined mineral crystals such as quartz and feldspar and another slab has been made up of another variety of minerals.

6. Since countertops are used mainly for people to put their food and drinks on, it is important have a material that can be regularly and easily sanitized. Granite can be polished and cleansed with simply using soap and a soft cloth.

Finding out and understanding all the above mentioned qualities that the granite possess will lead you to the conclusion that this natural stone surface is the most fitting to use as your material for kitchen countertops. Granite represents the quintessential elements which makes it an effective and practical countertop surface for your kitchen.

Build a Uniquely Stylish and Elegantly Warm Kitchen with Granite

Are you in the process of building a new kitchen or maybe remodeling perhaps? I’m sure that you’re pretty excited and you have a lot of great ideas as to how you want your kitchen to look like. Even if you don’t have any problems when it comes to how much to spend for everything; you would surely agree with me when I say that choosing the right building and furnishing materials would probably be the best investment.DONEgranite-kitchen-countertop

Using natural stone surfaces such as granite for your kitchen countertop is an excellent choice. It’s reasonably priced, readily available, fashionable, and very sturdy that it could last a long time. Granite comes in different hues and textures which definitely adds a luxuriously stylish feel to your home.

It’s one of the hardest stones in the world and is known to be able to withstand use and abuse. Using granite is very popular among architects and kitchen designers due to the fact that it is very easy to clean and is fairly stain-resistant. It’s also perfect for use in the kitchen since it has the ability to withstand heat and simply because it looks good.

You don’t have to sacrifice the aspect of functionality just because of the looks. Both these qualities are present in granite. You could play around with the limitless color combinations that would suit your taste as well as experiment with the different textures that are available.

Granite is a very versatile building material that you could even use for dining table tops with colors that match or complement with your kitchen countertops. You also have the option of having your granite slabs customized for your kitchen to be truly one of a kind. It also adds to the face-value of any home.

In the event that you want to sell your house; you would probably be able to do so at a higher price because of the prevailing value of granite surfaces.

Highlight Your Kitchen’s Brilliant Architecture and Design with Marble and Granite

Marble and granite are two of the most durable and stylish materials that people use in building and furnishing their homes. These materials are often used as flooring and kitchen top surfaces since they are very sturdy and pretty easy to clean. These are often the qualities that people look for when choosing remodeling or building materials.


Granite Countertop Design

There are a lot of considerations when choosing kitchen building materials. There’s the issue of durability, affordability and practicality. Using marble and granite easily addresses most, if not all of these considerations. Given that these materials are natural and ingenious rock formations, they are very durable and could last a lifetime, which in turn makes them one of the most practical building materials.

These stone surfaces are scratch and heat-resistant and practically indestructible which makes them obvious choices for kitchen countertops. They are also available almost everywhere which explains the uniformity when it comes to their prices. Talking about the issue of affordability and practicality, marble and granite has it all.

Like most solid surfaces, marble and granite may break due to strong impact or could chip off around the edges. Though damaged, they can easily be repaired using a special granite dust and epoxy compound. Generally, granite and marble does not stain easily and is also pretty easy to maintain. The trick is using a quality stone sealer after installation to prevent oil and other liquids from soaking in or seeping into the stone’s surface.

Marble Countertop Design

Marble Countertop Design

Elegance is also one of the characteristics that these natural stone slabs posses. Theycome in various hues and colours that are timelessly fashionable. All you have to do is select the exact colours that you need. Nothing really compares to using all natural building materials to furnish your kitchen. It gives it a distinct and luxurious characteristic as well as helps provide inspiration when whipping up some uniquely delicious food creations.

Whoever thought that the only light coloured natural stone surface that you could use is marble? You’d be very pleased to know that there is currently this growing trend in kitchen design using white granite. More and more home and property owners have discovered this surface as an architecturally sound choice which helps create the illusion of having a larger kitchen space. It’s also an excellent way to highlight and accentuate the different textures and colours you use for your kitchen.

There are also different patterns and colours that can be found in white granite which goes well when incorporated with the countless interior design ideas.

Which is the Most Ideal Material for Kitchen Countertops, Marble or Granite?

Buying your first house as a couple or even when you’re still single is definitely a very exciting and truly happy occasion that deserves to be celebrated. It gives one the feeling that he or she has achieved something; a profound feeling of stability. Alongside all the other factors that come into buying a house comes the issue of choosing the right furnishing, decorations and installing some very important household fixtures.

Marble Kitchen Countertop

Marble Kitchen Countertop

One particular part of the house that obviously gets the most attention when it comes to planning, fixing, remodelling and etc. is the kitchen. A lot of people would consider the kitchen as the heart of the home. It is where food is lovingly prepared for our loved ones. Each and every meal that every family shares is an opportunity to show love, to communicate and to strengthen family ties.

It is therefore only fitting that any kitchen be given only the most beautiful, functional and top-notch fixtures without of course making a dent on your budget. Careful selection and consideration is always being given when it comes to choosing the best materials to use on kitchen countertops. There are various natural and synthetic materials available and some of the most common of which are tile, woodblock, concrete and the ever popular stone surfaces used such as marble and granite.

You should however be aware of the fact that there are several advantages and disadvantages in using marble and granite for your kitchen counters and other kitchen surfaces. From the point of view of a number of seasoned natural stone artisans, marble is a bad choice to use on kitchen countertops. A huge number of them are inclined to using granite instead.

Some of the most intelligent and experienced architects and interior designers would further comment that marble is more suited to be used as vanity fixtures in the bathroom, as framing for hearths and fireplaces and all-around flooring. Aside from the elegance and aesthetic features that marble possesses, it also has fire and heat-resistant properties.

Although marble gives any room a nice and cool atmosphere, is reasonably priced and widely available; you should know that marble stains and scratches easily and therefore does not conform to the considerations taken in relation to its use in every household kitchen.

Granite Kitchen Countertop

Granite Kitchen Countertop

Granite on the other hand is a natural stone surface that has a higher demand as compared to marble. This is because it’s practically used and recommended by a huge number of architects and kitchen designers. One common consideration that they have is durability and the ability to take on the abuse and demands brought about by the different processes involved in preparing food.

Maintaining and cleaning granite is definitely a breeze. It’s as simple as wiping it off with warm water and some mild detergent. Its porous surface also makes it quite easy to disinfect.